The aim of ReCAPS is to test a new discharge support program for people with stroke

Every 10 minutes a person in Australia has a stroke. Two thirds of people who survive a stroke are left with a disability which makes normal everyday activities more difficult. Recovering from stroke can be a difficult experience. Many people experience a sense of insecurity and describe feeling alone.

Many survivors of stroke report needing more support to help them achieve their recovery goals than they are currently receiving after discharge home from hospital. It is also known that many survivors feel they don’t always fully understand what caused their stroke or how to prevent another one from happening.

Electronic technology (mobile phone short messaging services [SMS, also known as text message] and email) is being used elsewhere to support people with other health complaints but has not been tested in a large group of people with stroke. The aim of this study is to test a new program for helping people who have had a stroke to develop recovery goals meaningful to them and provide support in the first 12 weeks of returning home from hospital. The discharge support program includes receiving information sent via SMS or email and participation in follow-up surveys.

This study has been developed using the gold-standard design in clinical research, a randomised control trial. The results of this trial will inform health services of possible alternatives to support people with stroke after discharge from hospital.